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We are born in Verona

We are an Italian company specialized in metal finishing

Preserve nature, everyday

The energy required for production comes from renewable sources

Present challenge for planet future

We are pioneers in the field of wood-effect decoration on aluminium
which has helped to protect forests for more than 25 years.

Everything for metal decoration

We give you the know-how and products to get any decorative pattern on metal surfaces

Get outstanding results

No limits to your imagination


Our first fifty years



The first steps
into the world of aluminium

In 1974 we founded the first company of the group, specialized in anodizing.

Thanks to this treatment that gives aluminium an attractive appearance and makes it resistant to corrosion we discovered our passion for colours.



Powder coating experts

Ten years later we set up a powder coating line for doors & windows made of aluminium, steel and other metals.

Since then, we have been known for our unique colours, high-quality treatments and for the great attention we pay to every single stage of the process.


1993 - 1995

a groundbreaking technology

We patented Decoral® sublimation process, a technology to reproduce wood grains on metal. It had a strong impact on doors & windows industry and also on environment as it helps to preserve forests.

We are pioneers, not only leaders, focused on the protection of environment and human health.


1998 - 2006

The Innovation Award
and Decoral America

In 1998 Decoral® System won the Innovation Award for its patented system to decorate aluminium. In 2000, we started to test our finishes in Florida (USA).

Six years later we founded Decoral® America, a new subsidiary which confirms the overall success achieved in Italy.



QualityDecoral® Gold:
METEF 2012 Award

After almost forty years of research on aluminium decoration, we created QualityDecoral®: a self-certification that makes up for the lack of reliable tests and ensures that our finishes (Decoral® System powder coatings combined with heat-transfer films) have excellent durability.



The launch of eco-friendly
VOC-free finishes

Our R&D department never stops. We launched VOC-free powder coatings and sublimation inks good for the environment and human health since they do not emit harmful substances in the air. Such products help to get credits for the main international green building rating systems (Leed®, Breeam® and Well®).



QualityDecoral Platinum finishes

A new era begins for decorated surfaces. A brand-new series of products has been developed by combining Class 2.5 powder coatings with hyper-durable films properly formulated with the latest technologies. This synergy helps us to get products durability like no other.

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