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Turning nature into technology

For planet


Natural resources are fundamental inputs for the economic growth in a great number of sectors. Once processed and used up, they may turn into outputs that lead to pollution and negative pressures on the environment.

This is clear to all of us. The point is: what can we concretely do?

We contribute to the construction of buildings and production of components and objects with minimum impact on the environment, while ensuring high standards required by the main international protocols of sustainability.

In the early nineties we patented a process for the decoration of aluminium and other metal surfaces. An eco-friendly technique that helps to reduce deforestation since it creates natural textures as woodgrain using a 100% recyclable material like aluminium instead of timber.

For people


The development of the last decades took us to incredible results in terms of innovation but, with progress, sooner or later come also big challenges that may even become bigger if progress itself is not controlled. We do have to take care of environment; we do need to pay attention to our health and wellbeing.

This might be clear to all of us. The point is: what can we concretely do?

Our company manufactures powder coatings that do not emit harmful substances, thus significantly improving the indoor air quality. This is a key component in green building rating systems. A healthy indoor environment has a direct impact on the occupants: it increases productivity and cognitive functions of workers, learning processes and concentration in environment used for education and reduces the hospital stay.

Not only VOC free, we also formulated a special antibacterial series of powders that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

For passion


Colour plays a fundamental role in our life. It might move our souls or change our mood. It makes us feel happy or sad, comfortable or uneasy. It is around us in every single moment.

Of course, you agree with this. The point is: what do we concretely do?

Colour is our daily bread. Doing it with passion is our daily goal. We are constantly developing innovative effects and shades to meet whatever kind of need. We want to make the difference by giving you the right solution to realize your projects and convey your feelings.

What does passion mean to us? It means believing that every day is important for building tomorrow. It deals with understanding people desires and tastes, predicting trends and translating them into colours, the true and pure expression of human beings.

For us, colour rhymes with technology. We combine its appearance with special technical features to get antibacterial, photoluminescent, anti-slip, zero VOC-emission powders and much more.

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